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1.   Application Instructions

2.   Performance Tested Methods Program Policies & Procedures
        Appendix 1 NEW Fee Schedule
        Appendix 2 Consulting Applicaiton
        Appendix 3 Consulting Agreement
        Appendix 4 Consulting Waiver
        Appendix 5 PTM Review Form
        Appendix 6 Reveiew Agreement
        Appendix 7 Check List
        Appendix 8 General Criteria for Independent Laboratories
        Appendix 9 Lab Contract
        Appendix 11 Method Validation Study Report Format Example
        Appendix 12 Package Insert Requirements
        Appendix 13 PTM Certificate
        Appendix 14 License Agreement
        Appendix 15 Annual Review Form
        Appendix 16 Re-instataement Review Form
        Appendix 17 Method ModificationApplication
        Appendix 18 Definitions & Modification Guideline
        Appendix 19 PTM Review & Recognized Application
        Flowchart 1
        Flowchart 2
        Flowchart 3 PTM Application Review
        Flowchart 4 Independent Testing Site Procedures
        Flowchart 5 Validation Study Report Review
        Post Certification Process
        Re-Certification of Lapsed PTM Assay
        Appendix A Certificate Mark License Agreement Distributors

3.   Consulting Package :
        NEW Fee Schedule
        Appendix 23: Research Institute Program Flowcharts

4.   Contributing Member Application

5.   PTM Review Application Package:
       Application [including Harmonizations]
        Check List
        NEW Fee Schedule
        General Criteria for Independent Laboratory
        Method Validation Study Report Example
      Package Insert Requirements
      Certificate example
      Certification Mark License Agreement
        Appendix A Certificate Mark License Agreement Distributors

6.   Appendix 11: Method Validation Study Report Format Example

7.     Annual PTM Review Application Package:
       Appendix 15: Annual PTM Renewal Application

      Renewal Modification Guidelines

8.   Appendix 16: Re-Instatement Application Form

9.  Modification/Extension Application Package:
    Appendix 17: PTM Modification Application
     Appendix 18: Test Method Definitions & Modifiation Guidlines

11. Appendix 19: PTM Reviewed & Recognized Application

12.Appendix 21: Policy on Volunteer Conflict of Interest

13.  Appendix 23: Research Institute Program Flowcharts
       Form 1: Program Overview
       Form 2: Consulting Procedures
       Form 3: PTM Application Review
       Form 4: Independent Test Site Procedures
       Form 5: Validation Study Report Review
       Form 6: Post Certification Process

14. Appendix XX: Re-Certification of Lapsed PTM
      Instructions for re-certification of lapsed PTM

15. RI By-Laws 2012

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