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Last updated (December 10, 2012)

Outline Consulting Services


The AOAC Research Institute's Consulting Services is designed to provide complete individualized validation outlines for the manufacturer. These outlines include; testing protocols, acceptance criteria and reference materials or reference methods. The service provides opportunities for discussion of technical issues and hints & tips from our experience validating more than one hundred Performance Tested Methodssm, (PTM). This service eliminates the guesswork, risk of potentially expensive re-testing, and allows you to quickly organize your study to collect the exact data needed to validate your method.

Harmonization Validation outlines can be created to harmonize the PTM validation studies with the AOAC INTERNATIONAL's, Official Methods of Analysissm (OMA) program, thereby satisfying the requirements for the OMA single Lab Validation study. Manufacturers may also choose to harmonize their validation protocols with the requirements for other validation agencies, such as MicroVal.

$3,000.00 USD for Non-Contributing Members. $2,000.00 USD for Contributing Members plus recieve
$-500.00 USD Consulting Service discount on submitted Performance Tested Methodssm review applications.

* Please note that the following forms are for the Consulting Services only. To obtain a Performance Tested Methodssm Review application and other useful forms, please visit our Downloadable forms section.


The following files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. To obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat, please visit

Consulting Application (.pdf)

Consulting Agreement(.pdf)


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