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Last updated (January 2013)

Contributing Membership Information
To the AOAC Research Institute 2013


The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) created an Advisory Board in December 1996 that includes one representative from each Contributing Member Organization. This was eventually renamed, Advisory Council, and the AOAC-RI is continously seeking new Contributing Members to serve on the Council.

Contributing Members are entitled to appoint a representative to the AOAC Research Institute Advisory Council as well as recieve discounted services offered by the AOAC Researc Institute and the Performance Tested Methodssm (PTM) program.


Benefits of Membership:


* A Seat on the Advisory Council

* $1,000 USD discount toward RI Consulting fees.

* $6,000 USD discount toward PTM Application fees.

* Discounted Harmonized Consulting & PTM fees.

* Two Representatives to the Advisory Council.

* One AOAC International Individual membership.



* Recommend new programs that suportand advance the goals of the Performance Tested Methodssm program.

* Communicate with the AOAC-RI Board of Directors (BOD) on the development of new programs, changes in procedures, and/or promotion of the Performance Tested Methodssm programs.

* Recommend nominees for the AOAC-RI BOD.

* Assist the AOAC-RI in identifying and satisfying stakeholders' needs.

* Advise AOAC-RI staff on techical issues.

Advisory Council Influences AOAC-RI Policy:
Annual Membership Dues:
* Performance Tested Methodssm program has expanded to certifying candidate methods using non-U.S. reference methods.

* Developed the approved Harmonization proposal for the PErformance Tested Methodssm and the Official Methodssmprograms. The PTM program is recognized as directly equivalent to the pre-collaborative studies for microbiology methods.

* Developed the Internal Data Harmonization.

* Program between other method validation organizations.




* $5,000 USD.


























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