(2- and 3-MCPD esters & Glycidyl esters (GE) in Infant Formula & Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula)

December 2018: AOAC  INTERNATIONAL  (AOAC)  is  seeking  for  laboratories  with  experience  in  the  quantitative  analysis of 2‐MCPD, 3‐MCPD, and glycidol resulting from the separate or combined determination of free 2‐MCPD and total 2‐MCPD esters, free 3‐MCPD and total 3‐MCPD esters, and total glycidyl esters using GC/MS and GC‐MS/MS to participate in a multi‐laboratory testing (interlaboratory study) for two (2) AOAC Official Methods in First Action Status.

For  nearly two (2) years the AOAC  has  been working, with  funding  from the Infant  Nutrition  Council of America, to establish standard method performance requirements (SMPR®) and to validate  methodology  for  the  quantitation  of  MCPD  and  glycidol  esters in  infant formula and  adult/pediatric formula.

Candidate analytical methods were validated and submitted in response to an AOAC issued call for  methods  based  on  the  approved  SMPR.    Two  methods  underwent  a  rigorous  single  laboratory validation. Matrices developed for validation purposes for the AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) were included in the sample set. The methods, along with the validation data were reviewed and subsequently adopted by the AOAC Expert  Review  Panel  for  SPIFAN  MCPD  Methods  (ERP)  using  the  SMPR.   If the results  of  the  multi‐laboratory testing (interlaboratory study) are satisfactory, we fully expect the method to be recommended for AOAC Final Action Official MethodSM status.

The ERP and stakeholders have recommended an AOAC assessment of method reproducibility through  a  full  multi‐laboratory  testing  (interlaboratory  study)  of  the  method  be  organized.    While the requirements for demonstrating method reproducibility in this manner is a minimum of eight (8) acceptable separate laboratory data sets, it is recommended that for each method, that a minimum of 12 laboratories participate in the testing. 


1. Your laboratory will be among the first laboratories to use and access the method and provide feedback on the method.

2. Your laboratory will be recognized with an acknowledgement of participation included in published manuscripts of the methods and the data in the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL

3. Your  laboratory  will  be  listed  on  the  AOAC  website  as  a  participating  laboratory  for MCPD and Glycidol analysis in infant and adult/pediatric nutritional formula.


CLICK HERE to  complete  the  application,  if  your  laboratory  is  interested  in  participating one or both studies. Your contact information will be forwarded to the method author(s).

Please contact Delia Boyd, Sr. Manager, Standards &Official MethodsSM at or Deborah McKenzie, Sr. Director, Standards & Official MethodsSM) at should you have any questions.